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Holmer Lake Primary School

Educational Visits

Educational Visits at Holmer Lake Primary School

At Holmer Lake Primary School we believe that educational visits play an important part in the overall development of the child. These allow them the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, a range of activities and experiences that serve to extend and consolidate their learning, as well as develop their personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) awareness and understanding.
We aim to provide children with experience of a rich variety of environments which contribute to making learning enjoyable and enabling the children to visit places they might not otherwise see and undertake activities in which they might not otherwise participate.

These visits may happen at the start of a topic – A memorable experience to hook your child’s interest or during the develop part of learning; where the visit will enhance the teaching being offered in the classroom.

Children not only learn about the topic they are studying but also about themselves, their local environment; it’s geography and history and each other.

The visits may be within walking distance, within the school grounds or further afield, which will require them to travel by coach.

We encourage parents to join us on these visits so that they can support a small group of children during their experience.


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