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Holmer Lake Primary School

Medical and Illness

Health and Safety and Medical Matters

Accidents or Illness

If your child is ill, please contact the school straight away. Administrative staff will be able to inform you how long your child is required to be off school.                            

For sickness and diarrhoea, children should be off school for 48 hours, after their final bout of illness.

We have trained First Aiders in school but should your child appear to be in need of more specialist treatment we always try to contact parents first.  In the event of an emergency we would take the child to the casualty unit of the Princess Royal Hospital.                                                         


The following information sets out the arrangements for routine services provided by the School Health Service in conjunction with the school. The school works alongside school nurses who are based in Telford and whose telephone number is 621340. The school also has links with a team of Community Paediatricians.

During your child’s first term at school, he or she will be offered a general health check, including a measurement of height and weight, and a hearing and sight test. The School Health Service now operates a system of selective medicals. During their first year, and preferably their second term at school, children are considered for such medicals if the School Nurse, School Doctor, teacher or parents raise concerns. In all cases, full discussions will take place with parents and parental consent obtained before any examination takes place.

If you have concerns about your child’s health in school, including bedwetting, soiling or behaviour at home, please contact Mrs. Mahoney (SENDCo) or Mrs. Davies (Parent Support Advisor). 

Medicines in School

In the interests of your child's safety the school will only take responsibility for medication accompanied by a signed medicine administration form (this form can be found at the bottom of this page). In most cases the medicines should be brought to the school office with written details of the dosage and times to be taken in school.  The taking of medicines is noted on all occasions and the medicine book completed with dosage and date, then it is signed by the member of staff administrating it. Your child should keep their asthma inhalers easily accessible, in trays or pockets, so they can be used whenever necessary. Any medication that is brought in to school that is not accompanied by the relevant form will not be administered by staff.


If your child has asthma, they must keep their inhalers with them. You must complete an asthma care plan. All children with inhalers must have a spacer to use with their inhaler. School provides boxes for these to be stored in, in the classroom, along with a copy of their asthma care plan. First Aiders are trained to support children with asthma in line with our asthma policy.

Water in School

All children must bring a named water bottle to drink from during the school day. They are able to access water during their playtime and lesson time. We encourage children to drink water to keep them hydrated.


Click here to view our first aid policy and SEND: supporting pupils with medical needs policy. 

Click here to download our medicine administration form. 

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