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Holmer Lake Primary School

HERO Attendance at Holmer Lake. 

For a chance to be a Holmer Lake HERO, children will need to be in school everyday and on time!

It is  vital that children are in school everyday and on time. Reading is our first lesson of the day, so in order to ensure that all children can read, at age-related expectations, they need to be in school everyday and on time! Through the HERO attendance initiative that the superheroes have set Holmer Lake, we will be encouraging children to be a HERO! Children who are in school everyday and on time will be rewarded weekly. Half termly HEROes could win a £20 voucher!



Authorised Absence and Unauthorised Absences.

Many children are absent from school for legitimate reasons. If your child is absent from school please notify us. You can simply tell the class teacher, write a note or telephone the school. If children are feeling particularly unwell or, for example, have a rash, parents should seek medical advice before returning them to school. Not giving a reason for your child’s absence may result in your child’s absence being unauthorised. Holidays during term time will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Attendance is monitored by the Education Welfare Officer, Mrs Helen Carolina, every three weeks. All pupils are expected to have attendance of 95% or above. If attendance drops below 95%, you will receive a School Attendance Letter informing you of this. If attendance does not improve, you will be issued with a second School Attendance Letter and asked to provide medical evidence each time your child is absent from school.


Illnesses: not sure if your child can attend school?

Please click here to find further information on whether your child needs to remain off school or whether they can attend dependent on their illness. 

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