Engage Innovate Succeed

At Holmer Lake Primary School we want every child to engage, innovate and succeed in their learning, so that they are well prepared for secondary education and their life beyond.

Staff are ambitious for all pupils and have high expectations of every child’s achievement, regardless of their starting point and experience prior to starting school. We strive to develop resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal learners, who have a strong sense of personal awareness, motivation, confidence, creativity and social understanding. Supportive and enabling relationships between staff, pupils, governors, parents and the wider community are intrinsic to success and these are built on mutual respect and trust. Our school has a caring ethos and we see it as an extension to family life, developing empathy, equality, diversity and opportunity as a result of relationships with trusted adults.

We believe that we make a difference by creating and offering a safe and stimulating environment, where every child has the opportunity to overcome barriers in their personal life and learning. As a result of high quality provision pupils feel and know how to keep themselves safe, both physically and mentally, happy and supported in their learning. We teach pupils about their rights and responsibilities and expect impeccable conduct and self-discipline.

We aim to widen pupils’ horizons, learning about their own heritage, local, national, European and global cultures, through whole school collaborative projects. We see excellence in teaching and pupil enjoyment of learning as the foundation for success in life. Learning is strongest when the relationship between the child and adult is one of trust, where there is a real context for learning and the learner is focused on achieving challenging targets. This is achieved through good teaching of Building Learning Power and SOLO Taxonomy, which enables the learner to be competent in lifelong learning skills.

We aim to develop resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal pupils who:

  • are proud to belong to Holmer Lake Primary School;
  • are committed to being a successful learner and are inspired by the success of others;
  • are well-informed of how they fit into a democratic society, how they can participate in and contribute to life in Britain and value themselves as a citizen;
  • are self-assured and are able to manage change and adapt to the expectations of 21st Century Britain;
  • are given time to reflect on their own beliefs, culture and heritage, whilst respecting those of others;
  • participate in and enjoy the artistic, historic, sporting and cultural opportunities within and beyond the school;
  • are given the opportunity to have wonderful ideas for exploration and investigation and the joy of finding out and problem solving; which prepares them for modern life;
  • have a good understanding of what is right and wrong, how to make the right decision and the consequences of these choices;
  • are accepting of difference in all its forms;
  • can think creatively, independently and imaginatively about the bigger picture and how they can achieve their aspirations in life;
  • embrace challenge and have high aspirations;
  • have a voice to shape the way the school is run and the part they place in this.
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