Holmer Lake Primary School

Board of Governors’ Annual Report

Summer 2018



“Governors provide leaders with effective support. They know the school well and use this knowledge to hold leaders effectively to account in order to improve the quality of education provided by the school”(Ofsted November 2017).


Who are we and what are our strengths?

The governing body at Holmer Lake was reconstituted in 2014 and since then we have worked very hard to recruit new governors with the skills that are required to ensure that we can meet every aspect of the role.  The tasks which we now all complete each term match the compatible skill set of each board member.  The development of our governing body and the tasks we undertake has resulted in  governance in the school being strong, this was recognised by Ofsted in November 2017.

What are our core functions?

Setting the vision and strategic direction of the school

Holding the Headteacher to account for the school’s educational performance

Ensuring financial resources are well spent

Ensuring statutory duties are met, the curriculum offer is appropriate and priorities approved

“Governance is effective and governors share leaders’ ambitions and high expectations. Regular visits to the school ensure that they have a clear understanding of the school’s current strengths and weaknesses”(Ofsted November 2017). 

How do we ensure we achieve these goals?

The Chair and Vice Chair meet with the Headteacher on a weekly basis to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the ongoing developments, strengths and weaknesses of the school.

The Headteacher’s performance management is undertaken 3 times per year and targets set and reviewed in line with the school’s Raising Achievement Plan (RAP) and school development plan.

They have a clear understanding of the way in which performance management is used and its links to teachers’ pay”(Ofsted November 2017).

All progress is tracked each term by governors and concerns are addressed through the Raising Achievement Plan, which governors participate in writing.

High expectations are evident throughout school as a result of governors holding all teachers and leaders to account through their visits and strategic role.

Governors meet with Senior Leaders on a termly basis to hold them to account with regard to their impact on the work of the school.

Governors regularly check on the welfare of the staff.

The Chair and Vice Chair attend all budget meetings and the Vice Chair works with the school’s Business Manager every month to monitor the school budget.  The Schools’ Financial Value Standard (SFVS) ensures that our budget is spent wisely and properly, allowing school to optimise resources, and so raise standards and attainment.

All governors know and understand the format of the Four Cornerstones curriculum and we have dedicated governors who regularly monitor the main subjects and report back to the main governing body.

The governors have worked with the staff to develop the Raising Achievement Plan and the school Self Evaluation Plan.

Governors, throughout the year, have attended training courses to improve their skills in order to support the development of the school and ensure that we fulfil our role effectively.

Governors are fully involved in the whole school reviews with the Attached Adviser, which addresses:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Pupil outcomes
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment,
  • Early Years
  • Personal Personal Development, behaviour and welfare.

Governors are actively involved in staff recruitment to ensure we maintain the highest standards of teaching within the school and fulfil our role in safer recruitment.

“Governors bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and commitment to the governing body, and their skills and experience are used well to support school improvement”(Ofsted November 2017).

What have been our successes this year?

At the end of 2017/2018 the quality of teaching, learning and assessment was 89% good or better, with 55% working within the outstanding judgement.

Governors are trained well in all aspects of safeguarding. They make sure that they keep up to date with current guidance and regularly monitor this key aspect of the school’s work, so that pupils are safe”(Ofsted November 2017).

EYFS, KS1 and KS2 are a great strength of the school.

All key stages had very good outcomes at the end of the year:

Good Level of Development at the end of Reception - 75% compared to 72% nationally

Phonic Screening at the end of Year 1 - 84% compared to 82% nationally

Key stage 1 age related expectations

Subject School National
Reading  80% 76%
Writing 78% 68%
Maths 75% 75%

Key stage 2 age related expectations

Subject School  National
Reading 77% 75%
Writing 79% 78%
Spelling, punctuation and grammar 82% 78%
Maths 79% 76%
Reading Writing and Maths combined 72% 64%

 Average 'scaled score'

Subject School National
Reading 106 104.1
Maths 106 104.2

A high level of attainment in reading, writing and maths

School National
16% 10%

Average progress

Subject 2017 2018
Reading -2.76 1.5
Writing -0.76 0.1
Maths -1.21 0.6

A very successful Ofsted inspection in November 2017.

There were some challenges this year with staffing, however, the entire school pulled together and worked incredibly hard to ensure that the outcomes for the pupils were not affected.

The Governors are very proud of all the staff and pupils for what they have achieved.

On-going and future areas of involvement

The views of our parents, children and all other stakeholders is of great importance to the governors, who will always listen and continue to seek and monitor views through the delivery and analysis of surveys and also through our attendance at key events throughout the academic year such as parents evenings.

We are changing the way we are going to work from September 2018, with Governors working across three teams to ensure that all governors have a good understanding of the different phases within school.

The very regular meetings between the Headteacher, Chair and Vice Chair will enable the role of critical friend to be met through rigorous challenge and support.

The tasks set for every member of the governing body each term will ensure that monitoring and evaluation remains strong.

The termly evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the governing body will allow us to monitor our successes as well as those of the school.

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