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Holmer Lake Primary School

SEN - Curriculum

SEND – Curriculum

At Holmer Lake Primary School we actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual or groups of pupils. All children benefit from quality first teaching in the classroom where teachers set high expectations, cater for the needs of individuals, and provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve and progress. Teachers are aware that pupils bring different experiences, interests, and strengths to school which influence the way they learn. Teachers plan and adapt their approaches to teaching and learning so that all pupils can take part in lessons fully and effectively. 

All of the teachers in school have received training from the school’s SENDCo on ways of adapting the core curriculum offered to meet the varying needs of children with SEND. Teachers have been provided with a number of examples of scaffolding devices which can be adapted to meet the needs of individuals. Holmer Lake is a fully inclusive school, but equally we understand that minor adaptations may need to be made, or support put in place to allow all children to access the curriculum to the best of their ability. In all our foundation subjects,  end points are identified in each unit of work that children with SEND are expected to achieve. 

The school is very well supported by an incredibly strong team of  support staff. Although an undoubtedly invaluable resource, in the interest of promoting independence it is unlikely that the majority of children with SEND will be supported by an adult all of the time.  We believe that SEND children, just like any others, need to learn how to think things through for themselves and to develop the important skills they will need later on in life. 


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