SOLO Taxonomy

SOLO Taxonomy describes levels of increasing complexity in a child's understanding of a subject, through five stages. Each level embraces previous levels, but adds something more.

SOLO Taxonomy helps pupils to understand the process of learning and focus on their strengths and areas for development.

At Holmer Lake the pupils from Reception to Year 6 use the titles, symbols, hand signals and verbs of SOLO to talk about their learning.

They complete a SOLO assessment at the start and end of each unit of work; this allows the child to reflect on the progress they have made during a unit of work.

SOLO Taxonomy in mathematics is evident on their learning objective and success criteria on a daily basis.

We have developed SOLO to:

  • Provide opportunities to enable pupils to progress through the stages -       learning key skills, concepts and knowledge (Unistructural and Multistructural), applying them in contexts with support (Relational), applying skills and knowledge independently and making decisions in a range of contexts (Extended Abstract).
  • Provide a structured framework for pupils to use to progress their thinking and learning.
  • Encourage pupils to think about where they are currently with their learning, and what they need to do in order to progress.
  • Make assessments at the start of a lesson or unit of work to inform which differentiated learning activity the child completes and use flexible groupings.
  • Make assessments at the start and end of a lesson or unit of work to show the progress that has been made.
  • Peer and self-assessment enables pupils to assess themselves and each other as learners and to know what to do next.

The use of SOLO taxonomy supports the expectations of the national curriculum and ensures opportunities for pupils to ‘Master’ each stage of learning before moving on.

SOLO Taxonomy

SOLO Taxonomy provides a simple way of describing how learning outcomes grow from surface to deep understanding

It describes five levels of understanding for pupils who are experiencing new learning. There are clear steps for the learning outcomes that staff and pupils share.

Want to know more? Copy the link below to see SOLO Taxonomy explained using LEGO

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